The Falling Star over Vienna

– Soprano Recorder
– Piano

The Falling Star over Vienna

  • Moderato
  • Modern Technique
  • 3′ 30″
  • Competition, Concert, Pedagogy

Prize: 13,90

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A contemporary chamber music for concert, examination or competition
Interpreter: Anne Innerwinkler (AUT)

Handkerchief set on piano strings

for flute: flutter tongue, glissando, sputato and overblowing.
for Piano: finger tremolo on piano strings, tapping, fingernail game on piano strings. The flute’s frequences sets the piano strings in movement.

I wrote “The Falling Star over Vienna” for recorder students from the third year of learning and a professional piano accompaniment. It is a good choice for competition examination and concert.
At the beginning of the piece you describe the starry sky of Vienna at night. It is calm, sometimes broken by vague, unfamiliar sounds of the night.
Suddenly you see a shooting star clear and bright passing by. Excited of this short intensive action you want to follow its tail, you will not lose it…