The Paddleboat-Rock from Lake Woerth (Big Version)

– recorders
– cello
– piano

The Paddleboat-Rock from Lake Woerth (Big Version)

  • 3 Soprano Recorders
  • 1 Alto Recorder
  • Piano
  • Violoncello
  • Bass & Bongos ad libitum
  • Medium Rock
  • Improvisation ad libitum
  • 3′ 50″
  • Concert, Pedagogy, Competition

Prize: 13,90

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Training with playbacks
On the last page of your print edition you can find the access code for the service area containing the training playbacks.


„THE PADDLEBOAT-ROCK FROM LAKE WOERTH” (VERSION BIG) is suited very well for the ensemble lessons in your own class!

Every voice is explained in different degree of difficulty. For example, the voice of the soprano recorder 3 can be already made at the end of the first learning year. The voice of the treble recorder is optimally suitable for the fourth learning year (improvisation parts!).

The voice of the violoncello is interchangeable with other instruments, for example, with bassoon or bass recorder.

Educational theory:
Due to the comfortable tempo in this music it is very easy for unexperienced musicians to play along in that ensemble. The players can exercise exact counting, playing non-legato and listening to each other (intonation). In addition I would like to point out particularly to the improvisation parts in the voices of the soprano recorder 3 and treble recorder. To improvise with your own instrument is an important requirement for making music successfully.

If the improvisation parts are not played with beat by the soloists, I recommend to play through that section with the help of other percussion instruments (for example, claves, beating on instruments, body percussion etc.).