Für Li

– Tenor Recorder
– Alto Voice
– Piano

Für Li

  • 1st verse: Adagio
  • 2nd verse: Allegro molto
  • 3rd verse: Moderato
  • Text: Uschi Linder
  • 15′ 00″
  • Sprechgesang
  • Concert, Pedagogy, Competition

Prize: 13,90

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„FÜR LI“ is a piece for alto voice, tenor recorder and piano. It was composed during the study in 1998 and its world premiere took place at the University for Music and Performing Arts Vienna. The text comes from the lyricist Uschi Linder.

In this piece the musicians can find the following musical challenges:

  • great arcs of tension in all three parts
  • precisely rhythmical play in the second part
  • big range in the alto voice

The musical material is taken from a symmetrical scale and is used without exception in the whole piece.

Its form exists analogously to the text presentation of three parts (verses):

1st verse:” Adagio”

It’s a full moon night. Woken up by the bright moonlight you’re scary looking forward the window. Still your dream looks real in the room flooded with light. You slowly recognise your status. Bathed in sweat you’re sitting upright in the bed. Memories of bygone days are forming your thoughts.

2nd verse: “Allegro molto”

You try to order your memories. The bright moonlight is still blinding your eyes. The contours of your room are barely visible. You don’t succeed in grasping the strong pictures.  They’re melting away immediately at the moment of their manifestation.

3rd verse: “Moderato”

Fragments sometimes join together to a clearly recognisable picture. Your unclouded memories remains a moment in you. You want to hold on it. You want to take in it and own forever. However, the time tugs at it and threatens to carry away. The picture remains only more than shades in your memory.

The choice of the instrumentation is generally selected in middle range, based to the model of “Two songs for  alto, viola and piano op. 91, No. 1 and 2″ from Johannes Brahms.

„FÜR LI” brings joy while playing the melodies composed catchy and nicely. The mood to be generated easily spreads to the audience. In the expiry of a concert this composition is well placed in the middle ot the performance.



Für Li

Mond mein später Gast
in den kahlen Räumen
sammelt sich die Last
von ungezählten Träumen.

Zu wenig sind der Augen
um alles zu erschauen
geblendet durch das Licht
der Dunkelheit zu trauen.

Erinnerung verrät Musik
und Zeit gestattet nicht zu warten
ich suche einen Augenblick
im Schattenbild zu halten.

Author: Uschi Linder