– Orchestra
– Recorder trio


  • Orchestra
  • 1 Soprano Recorder
  • 1 Alto Recorder
  • 1 Tenor Recorder
  • Adagio – Allegro – Adagio tranquillo – Allegro – molto espressivo – poco animato – Finale
  • Improvisation ad libitum
  • 10′ 00″
  • Concert, Pedagogy, Vestival

Prize: 89,70€

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Training playbacks and parts
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„DIALOG?“ (Dialogue?) is a music for big orchestra and obligatory recorder trio. It is a commissioned work of the Austrian University Orchestra Innsbruck (2003) under the leadership of Michael König.
The lined up segments „Adagio – Allegro – Adagio tranquillo – Allegro – Molto espressivo – Poco animato und Finale“ go over into each other. They create a very expressive musical picture of an animated, obviously controversial dialogue.

The premiere of „DIALOG?“ took place in 2003 at the University of Innsbruck with the University Orchestra Innsbruck, formerly Collegium Musicum Innsbruck.

The title of the work puts some following questions:

  • is a musical stereotype brought up for discussion in this work, which refers to the development of the instruments of a modern classical orchestra and so to the elimination of the recorder from the same in the time of the Late Baroque?
  • is it true that a recorder can hardly compete in volume and dynamism against a typical orchestra instrument, e.g., with violin or flute?
  • can the many-sided sound of the orchestra and the instrument family of the recorders, rich in overtone, mix well and therefore, create a sensibly enlarged sound picture?

In “DIALOG?” all three recorders (soprano, treble recorder and tenor recorder) get several important duties:

  • Solo playing: having interaction with the recorder trio and the orchestra.
  • Playing within the trio: being dominant, contrasting and homogeneous with orchestra
  • Playing as an integrated instrument group of the orchestra
  • Duet with instruments from the orchestra

„DIALOG?” gives a platform to the recorder to communicate with the orchestra instruments separately as well as integrated with its overall sound.

Also beyond the teaching and the restoration of old music „Dialog?“ is an important contribution to a serious discussion, that the recorder is also to be recognised as a firm component of the contemporary orchestra literature once more.