Das Fragment

– Mezzo Soprano
– Viola
– Piano

Das Fragment

  • 1 Mezzo Soprano
  • 1 Viola
  • Piano
  • Andante
  • 7′ 20″
  • Text: Uschi Linder
  • Concert, Pedagogy, Competition

Prize: 13,90

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On CD published by:
„The next Generation“,
ORF Radio Österreich 1 CD 388

Individual Part
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„DAS FRAGMENT“ is a piece for mezzo-soprano, viola and piano.
It is a commissioned work for the ÖGZM (Austrian society for contemporary music) in 2001 and the worldpremiere was in the same year in Vienna.
The lyrics were written by Uschi Linder.

The choice of the instrumentation is generally selected in middle range, based to the model of “Two songs for  alto, viola and piano op. 91, No. 1 and 2″ from Johannes Brahms.

Though in the „DAS FRAGMENT” the singing voice furnishes the words of the text underlying to the lyrics of Uschi Linder. However, it remains in a minor part. The leading role gets the voice of the viola. It tells the story. It also supplies the music with the impressive pictures of the poem. Thereby two rezitatives support the viola. The piano gets memories in the present of the ‘narrator’ with the help of the waltz rhythm. It manifests itself a idealized ‘image of the past’.

In the final part of the piece single words are taken from the poem and then recomposed anew. Are the consequences new‚ painted‘ pictures? At least the recurring themes of the waltz passages would let you persume this.

Thus a positive ‘picture of the past’ really stands out.
There are the following musical challenges for the musicians in this music:

      • musical interpretation of the solistic passages
      • spontaneous mutual taking on from individual agogic.
      • well-balanced intonation between viola and mezzo-soprano

„DAS FRAGMENT” brings joy while playing the melodies composed catchy and nicely. The mood to be generated easily spreads to the audience. In the expiry of a concert this composition is well placed in the middle ot the performance.


An dem Akkord der Melodie
erkenne ich dein Lied.
Wie tröstlich ist so ein Fragment,
ein Teil der übrig blieb.
Erinnerung wird sich bewähren
als Dokument erstarrter Zeit
zu längst versteinerten Gemälden
im Bilderbuch Vergangenheit.