Brother John’s Pianoclub

-Piano with 6 Players

Brother John’s Pianoclub

  • Piano for 6 Players!
  • Sprechgesang
  • Joyfully
  • 3′ 24″
  • Competition, Pedagogy

Prize: 15,90

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„BROTHER JOHN’S PIANOCLUB“ is a piano music for six players but just played on one piano!
I made this piece for children and teenager.
The canon „Brother John” serves as a template for this piece. It is to be heard in major key as well as in minor key (3rd part of the 1st symphony from Gustav Mahler)

Three of the six players change occasionally to the back of the piano and continue their performance on the piano strings: using tools like mallets and gloves and calls in the resonating cavity lead to imitation of the cloister bell and great sound experiences

The expiry of this music and the unique positions of the players, such as looking for sufficient room for six players or changing the players location during performance are the big challenges in „Brother John’s Pianoclub“.

.The following text can be read out by player 4 from the part “Canon”:

“Shortly before sunrise, six friends are waiting in front of the big, dark cloister gate impatiently for Brother John. They had met in all early in the morning to undertake together an excursion to the abandoned castle near of the wood behind the small lake. As selfappointed “Brother John’s Piano Club” its members had often undertaken adventurous enterprises with uncertain outcomes. Today as every times, Brother John is going to be its leader…