Antonio goes Cuba

– Recorders
– Piano
– Bass

Antonio goes Cuba for Recorder Quartet

  • 1 Alto Recorder
  • 2 Tenor Recorders
  • 1 Basso Recorder
  • Piano
  • Bass
  • Accordion & Guitar ad libitum
  • Rumba / Grave / Rumba
  • 5′ 00″
  • Concert, Pedagogy, Competition

Prize: 15,90

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„Antonio goes Cuba“ is a powerful, harmonious piece for 1 soprano recorder, 2 tenor recorder, 1 basso recorder and piano (bass, accordion, guitar ad libitum). In this music I connected two genres with each other: the dance rhythm of the Cuban „rumba“ with the baroque music styles of the Venetian composer Antonio Vivaldi (Grave).

„Antonio goes Cuba“ offers challenges very well in the areas of ensemble playing, rhythm, sudden change in style (Rumba versus Grave), jumps within the musical text and even perseverance. The parts of the soloist are particularly powerful in the second part of the music (Grave). They promote the player’s expressiveness and ability to feel tensions in the music. The soloist is supported by the accompaniments in the way of exact ensemble playing and perfect intonation.

My tip for rehearsals and events played by children: I recommend the piano part to let play by an advanced pupil or répétiteur.for better performance the piano part should be played by an répétiteur or an advanced pupil!

picture & photo © 2017 Johannes Kobald, © find-cat (CC0 Public Domain)